Distribution of NIPSA News

Consideration has been given to the distribution arrangements related to NIPSA News, particularly in the context of the costs associated with the current arrangements and their effectiveness.

The General Council has recently given its approval to a proposal to reduce the number of hard copies of NIPSA News produced for each edition. An electronic version of NIPSA News will be e-mailed to Branch Secretaries when produced and members will also be encouraged to access it on-line through the NIPSA website. However, it is recognised that NIPSA News is a very important communication tool for members and that for certain areas of our membership having access to on-line facilities may present a difficulty. For this reason it will still be necessary to produce and distribute hard copies of NIPSA News, albeit in smaller quantities.

In order to ensure a reasonable and appropriate quantity of hard copies is produced I am asking Branches to complete the attached form and return it to Cathy McConnell, NIPSA 54 Wellington Park Belfast, BT9 6DP or email it to Cathy McConnell, by 16th May 2017. Alternatively you can access the form (click on the icon on the left) complete it and email it to Cathy McConnell.

I must stress that the objective is to produce sufficient hard copies of NIPSA News to keep open this important communication channel while also ensuring a cost effective production and distribution of the publication.

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