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15 March 2018

As members are aware NIPSA submitted the 2017/18 NICS Pay Claim in early July 2017 with the key elements of the claim being as follows:

(a) A 5% increase on all points of the pay scales, including the maximum points;

(b) A 5% increase on all allowances;

(c) Further scale shortening on all pay scales;

(d) Address the issue of the AA/AO single grade; and

(e) Explore the issue of a single EOII/EOI grade which would be the subject of a separate consultation with members in both grades.

As highlighted in NIPSA Bulletin B/05/17 dated 25 September 2017 NIPSA’s Civil Service Executive Committee took the decision that while “without prejudice” discussions could take place – that no formal negotiations could be entered into in the absence of a Minister who would ultimately be responsible for the pay remit.

Over the past few months the Civil Service Executive Committee have kept the issue of pay under constant review and at a meeting of the Executive Committee yesterday it was accepted the political situation is not going to be resolved in the near future and therefore NIPSA are seeking formal negotiations to commence as quickly as possible based on our claim.

While there is currently no Assembly and therefore no Ministers in place this does not prevent NIPSA lobbying all parties to seek to put pressure on those who will ultimately decide on the pay remit for NICS pay. To that end NIPSA will be urgently seeking meetings with political parties to engage on all elements of our pay claim.

The Executive Committee would also welcome the opportunity to meet with members to discuss the claim and to respond to queries or concerns of members. I would therefore recommend that you call a Branch meeting and a speaker can be provided by emailing Aidan McDonnell alternatively calling 028 9066 1831.

Alison Millar

General Secretary

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