Health Trusts Seek To Make £70m Of Cuts To Health Service

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NIPSA Will Campaign To Oppose

25 August 2017

Yesterday all 5 Health and Social Care Trusts agreed to commence a short 6 week consultation period to deliver £70m of cuts in the second half of this financial year.  While there may be different proposals emanating from each Trust it is absolutely imperative that NIPSA now actively opposes these cuts.  The budget cuts are being imposed by the Department in the absence of a Health Minister and a functioning Executive and in the absence of a Commissioning Plan.  We must use the next 6 week period to build a huge resistance to these and any further cuts to our precious Health and Social Care service which delivers to the sick, the vulnerable, the disabled and many others from birth to death.  We must ensure that we do not allow this current situation to go unchallenged.

NIPSA’s Health and Social Care Panel will be meeting urgently next week, to consider how best we can respond to these outrageous proposals.  We must ensure that this attack is rejected and we put the maximum pressure on Trusts throughout and beyond the consultation period to ensure that they do not implement these cuts.  While NIPSA will, of course, be informed by our Health and Social Care Panel this is not just a matter for NIPSA members and other workers in the Health and Social Care Sector – this is an issue for all NIPSA members, their families and wider society.

Over the next short period NIPSA will be developing an active campaign to build with our sister unions, communities and others to reject these attacks on our already depleted health and social care system to protect the interests of those who work within it.  Further bulletins will be issued shortly.

General Secretary

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