Health and Safety

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This section of the NIPSA website provides you with up to date information on a range of issues affecting Health and Safety. By accessing menus on the left you will be taken to the appropriate sub-page or section.

Activists can access the ‘Newsletters’ section for updates on key Health & Safety Issues in Northern Ireland as they affect members in the workplace. ‘Newsletters’ are published by NIC-ICTU (the Northern Ireland Committee of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions) of which NIPSA is an affiliate and major contributor.


Health & Safety is a major issue for NIPSA and it is vital that NIPSA Health & Safety representatives have access to relevant up to date information from reliable sources. The best source of information for activists is NIPSA's Health & Safety Representatives Essential Toolkit.  Another useful resource is the Health & Safety Executive Northern Ireland (HSENI) where general information can be obtained within the context of Health & Safety issues in Northern Ireland. Simply click here for access to and guidance on general issues encountered by representatives in the workplace.

In addition, activists can use the ‘Links’ section to search and research for further information on health, safety and welfare issues that impact upon NIPSA members both within and beyond the workplace. Links to various Health & Safety Agencies, Trade Union Bodies, Governmental and Non-Governmental Organisations, Charities and Lobby Groups provide a rich and diverse range of sources of information for the Health and Safety representative. Activists should note that some of the links apply to Northern Ireland only and others apply to Great Britain only.

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